The DECKED Truck Bed Storage System is a Must Have for the Turkey Hunter

Turkey hunters that drive a truck should know about DECKED.

Let's add up all the typical turkey hunting gear you and your fellow gobbler stalkers use during the season.

Decoys and stakes, a good ground blind, your weapon of choice, the ammo, arrows, and accessories that come with it, some sort of seat or chair, a variety of calls, a knife, water, various other safety and emergency items, plus all the best camo clothes and accessories you own. Turkeys do have killer eyesight, after all.

There's still plenty we could add to a turkey hunter's checklist, but we're already overflowing. And if we're being honest, all that stuff could start to overflow a truck bed, rendering what's supposed to be a great outdoorsman's vehicle into an unorganized, out-in-the-open holding pen for what's likely some of your most expensive sportsman gear.

Some of you might have a method to cut down on the clutter, but a hunter's necessities deserve to be treated the right way, not tossed into the back of a truck before speeding down the highway.

Here's what we're getting at: We want to fill turkey hunters in on an obvious solution to the problem. DECKED Truck Storage Systems knew outdoorsmen faced this issue, and made it a point to help devise a way to keep your gear safe from theft, the elements, and the bumps and dings that can occur during transport.

You may have seen other companies rolling out truck bed storage, but it's probably not as weatherproof or intuitive as the systems DECKED has created. The in-vehicle drawers are secure from weather in design and materials; the frame is steel, while the outside portion it supports is HDPE (high density polyethylene), which can handle exposure to most solvents and chemicals, plus water and sun.

Combine those two ingredients and the DECKED system adds up to a 2,000-pound payload rating, well cemented in the high end of anything else on the market.

Now, if we get back to that big list of things we need to take on every turkey hunt, you can really see how easily they'll be incorporated using the drawers, removable dividers, and D-Boxes, DECKED's own organizational toolboxes that fit snugly inside each drawer. You've got space big enough for a bow case or folded ground blind, but can squeeze things down to a tackle box-sized container for smaller individual items.

Then there's the extra advantage of a secure, key-based lock system that will keep all your gear tucked away, out of sight and inaccessible, for however long you need to leave it there. Would you ever dream of leaving your shotgun in the bed of your truck? In may cases, a locked DECKED drawer is the best place for it.

A truck bed that's been DECKED is such an efficient use of space, that it still allows for plenty of storage on top, like a typical bed should.

DECKED was founded by people who know what a truck owner needs, and applied it directly to their company's objectives. When turkey season comes around, it's safe to say they'll be using a truck with a places for their muddy boots, their extra set of decoys, and their box call that will lure a big Tom.

There's no reason you shouldn't, too.