Cozy Shoe Beds for Pups and Kittens Obsessed With Shoes

Pets don't always chew on the expensive chew toys we buy them.

Is there scientific evidence for why pets are obsessed with their pet owner's shoes? Make it make sense. I don't know what it is with dogs and chewing on shoes, but I guess everyone needs a vice. If your pet is into chewing on shoes, here's your chance to give your fur baby the world. Jersey Dog Company has a comfy, perfect size giant croc dog bed for your furry friend.

The dog bed is in the shape of a Croc. Yes, America's shoe. It has a faux fleece interior for ultra warmth and comfort. Even though I'm not caught up as to why dogs love chewing on shoes, it makes sense why pets are so drawn to this shoe bed.

If you've had a pair of Crocs become a chew toy, this Croc shoe pet bed will save you from having to replace your crocs.

Jersey Dog Company Sasquatch Pet Bed

The faux fleece shoe bed is odor resistant and is the perfect size for small dogs, medium-sized, and large dogs. It has a built-in roll bar bumper headrest at the heel, so your pet doesn't have pressure applied to their body while resting. The perfect headrest and the cushiony faux fleece material are the best combinations for your pet who deserves a new bed and also needs to learn that your Crocs are not for chewing on.

The Croc dog bed is available in a variety of different colors that will complement your home decor. Your pooch will be spoiled to bits in this clog-inspired bed.

The giant shoe croc bed is machine washable. Just pull the sock out and wipe down the exterior. Pet owners and dogs love the Sasquatch pet bed, even cats!

Our furry best friends always get what they want. When they're begging for a bite of your dinner, you might catch yourself tossing a piece on the floor and saying, "here!" I'm sure most of us are reluctant to do that to our shoes, so we compromise with a croc shoe bed.

These faux fur comfy shoe beds are one of the best pet product gift ideas we've seen yet for your furry friend. Better yet, they'll add a sense of quirkiness to your home decor.

If you want something equally cute but a little cozier for your pup or kitten, check out this slipper bed for an adorable alternative.

Slip On Fashionable Slipper Dog Bed

It's hard to resist a bed that looks cozy enough to sleep in yourself!

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This post was originally published on June 5, 2019.

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