Caveman Steak
YouTube:Cowboy Kent Rollins

The Caveman Steak Recipe Would Work Great with Venison Too

This "caveman steak" recipe should work well for venison too!

Did you have a successful hunting season in 2019? If so, you probably have a few venison steaks in the freezer and you're just waiting for the right time to break them out for an awesome meal. Did you ever consider cooking them "caveman" style?

Preparing a caveman steak is incredibly easy and you don't need an expensive grill to do it either. Cowboy Kent Rollins shows how to prepare it in the video below.

This meal is prepared with sweet corn and peppers for a delicious and complete meal!

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Who says you need a lot of expensive cooking supplies to produce an awesome meal that will have your friends and family lining up to be served? It doesn't get much simpler than this. Simply dig a small hole, fill it with hardwood lump mesquite and that is where you'll be cooking this meal. The hardest part of this whole recipe looks to mixing the proper amounts of garlic, white wine and horseradish when making the sauce. Practice makes perfect!

Other than that, this is something anyone could do in their backyard or on a camping trip where they don't have a ton of sophisticated cooking tools with them.

The reason this recipe would work well with venison or other wild game meats is because it results in a rare to medium-rare steak. Venison and other wild game meats are usually extremely lean. As a result, these meats usually taste better when they aren't over-cooked.

We're looking forward to testing out this recipe sometime this summer. I still have a few backstrap pieces that should be perfect for it!

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