The Best Year-End Clearance Sale on Outdoor Gear

The calendar's about to be flipped, but you can still get in on the outdoor gear savings with this year-end clearance.

The biggest gift-giving holiday of the year has come and gone, but the year-end sales are just kicking off. Right now would be the time to check out Sportsman's Guide, because they're doing the last-of-2018 right.

When you see discounts this big, it's sort of a no-brainer. Some of these are big ticket items that rarely see lowered prices, but since you've probably got a fatter wallet since Christmas, it makes things even more enticing.

Cash in on what's likely to be the best prices you'll see on these items for a long time.

BLOCK Black B18 Archery Target

Ever bowhunter knows constant practice is the only way to improve, which is why a BLOCK Black B18 Archery Target at this temporary price is tough to pass up.

Under Armour Icon Camo Pullover

This quarter zip Icon Camo Pullover from Under Armour is available in several camo patterns, and it's offered up at a price that'll raise your eyebrows.

Wood N' Stream Maniac Hunting Boots

It's rare to see a good pair of hunting boots for less than $50, but these Wood N' Stream Maniac Hunting Boots will last a long time and are half the cost of a similar pair bought elsewhere.

HQ ISSUE Tactical LED Flashlight

Having a reliable LED flashlight on hand is a necessity for many outdoorsmen, so an HQ ISSUE Tactical LED Flashlight for under $35 is incredibly beneficial.

Minn Kota Talon 10-ft. Shallow Water Anchor

If you own a boat and have yet to discover the amazing capabilities of shallow water anchors, the Minn Kota Talon will change your watercraft-owning life.

Columbia Windward III Overshirt

The warm and fuzzy wool blend shell and chamois-touch lining of this Columbia Windward III Overshirt will keep you toasty all winter.

You can check out the entire year-end clearance sale here, and continue saving throughout the entirety of next year and beyond at