The Best Fishing Father's Day Gifts We've Seen This Year

Father's Day is the perfect time to get a fishing fan something he'll get great use out of.

Each year around this time, dads everywhere get their due. What makes it extra special (and fun!) is when you and your dad share a love for fishing, and you're able to get him things he will use while spending time doing what he loves.

Plus, he'll think of you each time he uses it, scoring you major points in the long run. Maybe he'll help you net your personal best in return...

Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Fishing Kayak

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If you're going to splurge on dad this year, go with a kayak from Perception. The Pescador Pro 12.0 makes great use of its size but eliminates unnecessary weight making it stable and easy for entry/exit transitions. It's ideal for a fish angling kayak, but even someone who's had one before will see the benefits of this one.

Abu Garcia Max Combos and Reels

The variety in the Max line of spinning and baitcasting reels from standout fishing brand Abu Garcia is what attracted us, especially considering there's a choice for just about every price point, and therefore every budget. They aren't brand spanking new, but when we saw they were part of the Father's Day sale at Cabela's, it was obvious we had to include them.

Catch Cam Nets

The net that has a built-in mount for a variety of action cameras has given us even more reason to document our days on the water. We've mentioned them before, and they've only gotten more technically advanced since then. The newest Catch Cam Net come with a hex-shaped design on the handles, which also feature your choice of species-based wraps like a rainbow or steelhead, giving you customizability in the look and style of the net that will capture your dad's catches perfectly every time.

Howler Bros. Silver King Hat

We needed to give a shout out to local Austin company Howler Bros., who make some pretty great hats. The Silver King style is probably our favorite, but there's a lot to choose from.

Costa Sunglasses OCEARCH Half Moon

Anyone who tells you polarized shades would not make a good Father's Day gift is out of their mind. The glass lens technology Costa uses is rivaled by few and surpassed by none, which is why they've established themselves as the standard in fishing-centered applications.

Specifically the Half Moon frames with the special "Tiger Shark" patterned design are look at and through, and they're part of a cool program Costa has been a part of for some time. OCEARCH focuses on shark research, and is trying to help everyone understand that the scariest thing about sharks is how fast they're disappearing. A purchase of anything from the OCEARCH line helps fund future expeditions and the overall mission to protect sharks. That's a pretty sweet story to go along with a pretty sweet gift.

Huk and Mossy Oak's Elements Apparel

Easily one of the hottest fishing brands on the radar, Huk went big this past year, joining forces with stalwart camo company Mossy Oak for a new take on fishing clothes and the patterns, fabrics, and technology they're based on.

The look, feel, and effectiveness of the Elements line has really impressed us. Plus, if a handful of pros on the bass fishing tours are backing this trend, we're on board and your dad will be, too.

Oh, and they even have underwear, but we've yet to determine if they will actually make you fish better or not. Stay tuned for more on that extensive research project...

De-Fishing Soap

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Here's something every angler can use, and your mom will probably thank you just as much as your dad if you gift him this one.

De-Fishing Soap uses an oil-based formula to lift the ever-too-familiar odor instead of just cover or hide it, making this a must for every tackle box or boat from here on out (Tip: You can get 15% off if you sign up for their emails on your first visit to their website).

Orvis Angler's Pint Glass

Even when they aren't fishing, they can daydream of their favorite species with this Orvis series of U.S.-made, Maine artist-designed pint glasses. Get him two and you'll have something to toast with on Father's Day (Another tip: There's 10% off a $50 purchase at if you sign up for their emails, too).

Alps Outdoorz Crusader X Waterproof Duffel

Useful for any trip out on the water, a duffel bag that's entirely waterproof is a great gift for dear old dad. Alps Outdoorz has emerged as a serious competitor in the outdoor pack biz, and the Crusader X represents the next generation of great stuff from them.

Lethal Cooler Reviver

Let's face it, at the end of a long day on the water or shore banks, the last thing we want to do is clean our coolers, especially if they come home empty. If Dad is forgetful or just downright always seems to have a stinky, moldy cooler, the Lethal Cooler Reviver can take care of bacteria and odor. It's a simple yet vital tool that supports longevity for dad's expensive cooler.

Now that you've filled your idea bucket with good ones, all that's left is pulling the trigger and giving dad what he needs for his fishing excursions.