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The 5 Best Dry Bags for Kayaking

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Whether you're camping, kayaking or headed out on the boat, a quality dry bag is a must-have. Despite all the advances that smartphones have made in waterproofing, it's always a good call to have a dedicated place for all the stuff that you'd rather not get soaked. The good news is that there are tons of different high-quality dry bags to choose from. Of course, the main function you're looking for is right in the title: a dry bag should keep its contents dry. From there, it comes down to your personal preference on features like size, material, color, and extra pockets or carrying straps. 

It was tough, but we narrowed it down to our five favorite dry bags for all types of water-based and water-adjacent activities. From multi-packs with varying sizes to the best-reviewed single bags, you can cross this essential item off your list and get out on the water without a worry.

Also, not only can you use these for kayaking and camping, but they'll come in handy for water parks or festivals where rain is expected.

1. Best Overall

HEETA Waterproof Dry Bag - Amazon, $11.99+

This Heeta bag is an awesome overall option. It comes in several different colors and sizes, and it's by far one of the most popular dry bags on Amazon. The bag is made of thick, durable, and waterproof material, and it features adjustable straps plus a handle, so you can choose how you want to carry it. It's also transparent, so you can make sure you tucked your phone away without opening it up. 

2. Best Large Dry Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag - Amazon, $37.99

If you need a little extra space, this Earth Pak bag comes in a size up to 55 liters. If you're wondering if that's more weight than you need to be carrying down to the shore, you can feel assured that you can handle it with the built-in heavy duty waist belt. The bigger bags all feature shoulder straps as well, and the material will hold up well over time, even if you stuff it to the brim. 

3. Best Multi-Pack

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks - Set of 3 - Amazon, $44.95

The perfect dry bag bundle for the whole family, this three-pack comes in all different sizes and colors to tell them apart. Each bag is lightweight and made of waterproof nylon fabric. The roll top will keep any items securely inside, and the buckles have a D-ring attachment for easy transport. Plus, at just $15 per bag, they're a great value. If you don't need the multipack, you can check out single Sea to Summit dry bags here.

4. Best Backpack

Piscifun Dry Bag, Waterproof Floating Backpack - Amazon, $14.99

It really does float! If you're worried about tipping over your kayak and watching all your stuff sink to the bottom, this might be the dry bag for you. It also comes with a handy waterproof phone case, so you can get some extra protection for that expensive new iPhone. The backpack comes in several different sizes, and as one reviewer puts it, it "does what it's supposed to do," plain and simple. 

5. Best Value

Osprey UltraLight 3 Dry Sack - Amazon, $14.95

From Osprey, the makers of some of our favorite hiking backpacks, comes this budget-friendly 3-liter dry bag. It has a convenient rectangular shape to maximize its capacity, and it's secured by an easy roll top. The bag comes in four different fun colors, and with ripstop nylon material, it should last you for years to come.