The Beauty of a Henry Lever Action Rifle

Feast your eyes on the best looking lever action rifles you can get your hands on: Henry Repeating Arms.

If you know anything about guns, you know Henry Repeating Arms is held in high regard.

And for good reason, they're consistently producing the kind of lever action rifles that harken back to the glory days, but are built with reliability and performance expected from today's firearms.

Made in their Wisconsin factory and helping your great grandpa's favorite guns live a life well into the 21st Century, lever actions from Henry are some of the only guns you can buy brand new and instantly feel nostalgic about.

Here are the beauties in the above video's lineup, all found at

Color Case Hardened .30-.30

The time-honored case hardened colors bring any gun lover back to the good old days, but the .30-.30 isn't anything to shrug at. With the Color Case Hardened you can hunt just about anything from a coyote to a bear, as long as you use the right load.

The deep bluing, dark walnut, and mottled case colors give it a natural camouflage feels, and

Big Boy All-Weather .44 Mag/Spl

A major departure from any kind of John Wayne gun, the Big Boy All Weather is a durable weapon meant to go with you through the most demanding conditions. Although some of our friends had shot other models of the Big Boy and found it slow or difficult to load, compared to the 30-30 and .308, we found this one quicker to load with no jams, possibly because of the cartridge itself. Which is to be expected, since Henry has a long history with the .44 rimfire.

The Long Ranger .308 Win

This is Henry's answer to the Browning .308 repeater, and it's every bit as reliable. It will perform comparably to your bolt action at the same long ranges. Yes, it may be strange to see a lever gun in this caliber, but once you shoot it, you won't want to put it down. It's incredibly light for its caliber, yet the recoil was manageable and the geared action kept the chambering and extraction smooth.

It was especially addictive for the owner of the ranch we shot at, a southpaw and avid hunter who enjoyed the rare opportunity to shoot a gun in this caliber that was conducive to his left-handed operation.