Best Bass Lures

The 8 Best Bass Lures to Get Someone for Christmas

What are the best bass lures to give to someone as a gift?

Fishing lures inherently make for excellent holiday gifts. They're small enough to individually fit in a stocking, they're typically inexpensive enough to afford a few, and they will be used extensively by the angler you get them for.

That is, they'll be used if they're effective, and we've got some suggestions for lures that exhibit good versatility and fantastic utility. Anyone can use these, and they'll catch fish when the conditions are right. From Texas to Carolina, and from California to Minnesota, these are going to work on largemouth bass (as well as their cousins the smallmouth and striped bass).

Anglers tear through soft plastic worms lightning quick, and bass fishermen know the value of a spinner or buzzbait, but lures last longer and can specialize in certain situations.

Here are the eight best bass lures for seasoned anglers in need of something new, or for folks who are just building their tackle collection. Either way, these will put smiles on their faces when they open them up, and make them eager to start catching bass.

1. Strike King Red Eye Shad

Best Bass Lures

Every fisherman and woman needs a shallow-water lure that's perfect for fall bass fishing. This gold-tinged, lipless crankbait is a fish-catching machine. If you gift it to someone and they show signs of doubt, just tell them Kevin VanDam uses it.

2. Rapala Balsa Xtreme Swimmer

Best Bass Lures

The Rapala Balsa Xtreme Swimmer combines the lively action of a balsa-wood lure with the nearly indestructible properties of copolymer material.

3. Arbogast Hula Popper

Best Bass Lures

Everybody needs a Hula Popper in their tackle box. Be the one who gives an angler the lure they catch their personal best bass on!

4. Heddon Zara Spook

Best Bass Lures

Go with a Heddon Zara Spook; it's one of the classic topwater lures and it's a great way to show the angler you're buying for that you know what you're picking! The walk-the-dog tactic is ideal for any bass anglers looking to spice things up.

5. Bomber Suspending Tim Horton Pro Long A

Best Bass Lures

Tim Horton designed the colors on the Bomber Suspending Pro Long A, and it's a great choice when the fish are suspended.

6. Berkley Flicker Minnow

Best Bass Lures

The Berkley Flicker Minnow is tournament-tested and can be used to dive deeper with maximum flash and action. It's great for covering open water.

7. Rebel Big Craw

Best Bass Lures

If they've got a Rebel Big Craw in their collection, they're going to have the perfect lure for when crawfish are the main menu item for big bass. If it's used in clear water, it can really do its thing.


Best Bass Lures

Catching a bass on a frog is second to none, and one of the most trusted is the LIVETARGET Frog, available in a ton of great, realistic colors. They can be thrown in heavy cover with confidence.