The 7 Survival Tools Every Outdoorsman Should Be Prepared to Use

What sort of survival tools should everyone who spends time outdoors have on hand?

We have compiled a list of what are must haves for ultimate survival, and all involve skills that should be mastered by anyone who wants to be truly prepared for whatever Mother Nature (or worse) might throw at them.

Check out these seven survival tools that will serve the outdoorsman or woman well.

1. Henry Survival AR-7 .22 Takedown Rifle

The Henry Arms AR-7 Rifle is a takedown weapon in .22 long rifle that fires from an 8-shot detachable magazine. The true beauty is that all the components come apart easily to fit into the buttstock. Small game will be on the menu with this handy little rifle, and you'll be confident in your personal protection, too.

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2. Browning Bush Craft Ignite Fixed Blade Knife

A good quality hunting knife is important for all things survival: field dressing game, quiet self protection, manufacturing shelters, and plenty more. This model also has a flint sparker that will easily start a fire, too.

3. MSR Miniworks EX Water Microfilter

Water purification is serious business. Make sure you buy a good quality model that will serve you well for the long term.

4. Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT

Shelter is mandatory no matter where you find yourself. Once again, buy quality stuff, because who knows how long you might be bugging out for.

5. New Swiss Army Style Wool Blanket

A quality wool blanket will keep you warm when nothing else will. Surplus wool blanket prices are low, so get at least one for each member of your survival party.

6. Olympia Explorer Series Motion Activated Headlamp

A headlamp allows hands free light when you need it most. The above model uses easy-to-carry AA size batteries and has a long battery life.

7. Small Game Snare Traps

Traps work 24 hours a day. Small game is abundant and snares pack small and light. A 12-pack of snares can give you much needed protein when the times are rough.