The 6 Best Car Tires, Ranked

Tires. They're all black and round, so they're all the same, right? Wrong. No two tires are the same. They can differ in many ways, from tire compound to tread pattern, or even the steel in their inner belts.

Tires are one thing you should never cheap out on when they need to be replaced. Tires are the only thing between your car and the ground, and it is imperative that you have the best quality rubber taking you down the road.

Here are the six best car tires out there.

6. Continental PureContact

Continental's PureContact tire offers very good value for money. For around $100 per tire, the PureContact has up to 55,000 miles of life, making it great value for its price.

5. Michelin Primacy


Michelin's Primacy tire offers a nice balance between performance and daily-drivability.

With the same lifetime as the Continental, at 55,000 miles, the Michelin is a bit pricier, in the $125.00 range. That being said, the Primacy offers an excellent medium between performance and comfort, and is a great buy.

4. Goodyear Assurance Tripletred All Season


The Goodyear Assurance Tripletred offers 80,000 miles of tread life for around $125.00, making it a decent deal given the high tread life rating.

3. Pirelli P4 4 Seasons


The Pirelli P4 is a relatively inexpensive all-season tire, with prices starting around the $95.00 mark. It is rated for a staggering 85,000 miles, a lot of miles given the price. That makes the P4 one of the best tire bargains out there.

2. Yokohama Avid Ascend

The Yokohama Avid Ascend is another great tire bargain. Like the P4, the Yokohama is rated at 85,000 miles. However, the Avid Ascend can be purchased for just around $75.00, making it a notable $20.00 cheaper per tire, which gives the Avid Ascend excellent performance for little money.

1. Michelin Defender


The Michelin Defender is undoubtedly the best tire bargain out there. With prices starting around $90.00, the Defender has a staggering 90,000 miles of tread life, making it a very practical purchase for most drivers.