Best 410 Shotguns
Mossberg/Remington/Henry USA

The 8 Best .410 Shotguns of 2022

When we think of shotguns, whether it be for hunting or recreational shooting, the two staple options are the 12-gauge and the 20-gauge. Each of these shotguns has its place in either sport, but the third most popular choice available is the smaller .410, which has certainly proven an effective alternative for target shooting, small-game hunting, and even defense against smaller threats like snakes. It's widely recognized as an ideal youth shotgun, as newcomers, especially younger ones, won't have to deal with nearly as much recoil but will still be able to learn their way around a shotgun. And, similar to a .22 LR rifle, ammunition for the .410 is typically cheaper, making it the perfect gun to practice with at the range. This practicality makes them a popular firearm among many adults who frequently go shooting. We're going to take a dive into some of the more popular .410-bore shotguns on today's market, all of which make up for their lack of overall firepower with both versatility and function.

The methodology for shotgun selection and other advice shared throughout this guide incorporate a blend of firsthand experience and enhanced insight as to what's new and the most innovative on the market today. Our two lead experts (and WOS staffers) are both avid shotgun hunters and longtime target shooters with a keen understanding of firearm features that can amplify a firearm's accuracy, fit, and overall performance. They're also parents with hands-on experience introducing younger shooters to the sport of hunting in a safe, low pressure environment.

The editorial team members contributing most to this "best of" roundup include:

Eric Pickhartz: Wide Open Spaces Editor in Chief, parent, avid shotgun hunter, and target shooter
Sereena Thompson: Wide Open Spaces Social Media Manager, parent, avid shotgun hunter, and target shooter

Best Introductory .410

Mossberg 510 Mini Super Bantam

.410 shotguns

The Mossberg 510 Mini Super Bantam has built a good reputation. Photo by Sereena Thompson

Why we selected it:
The Mossberg 510 Mini Super Bantam grows with young shooters and makes a great first shotgun. Our social media manager at Wide Open Spaces owns and loves this reliable firearm.
Favorite features:
Ideal for youth
Small grip for easy trigger reach
Pump may take getting used to for youth
Barrel may be shorter than preferred

The adjustability of the Mossberg Super Mini Bantam is a major plus. Photo by Sereena Thompson

Mossberg primarily markets this low-recoil pump-action shotgun toward youth hunters, but it's also a great option for older hunters looking for something without much weight or recoil. Sereena Thompson, our social media manager, can vouch for that. "Even though it's nearly perfect for kids, I still think it fits me really well too, with the smaller grip and adjustability." This particular firearm is available in a variety of finishes, including synthetic, blued and wood, and Mossy Oak Break-Up camo, giving it direct turkey hunting applications. It features an 18.5-inch vent rib barrel and a capacity of 2+1. However, the gun's top selling point is likely the adjustable spacers that come with the synthetic stock, which gives youth hunters some versatility as they continue to grow. That's a feature any parent or mentor can appreciate because it helps prevent spending money on a new and better-fitting firearm as kids move up in size. It can also chamber 3-inch shells, should you want a slightly hotter load, and a generous buttstock backs up the gun lowering the felt recoil. Mossberg kept the overall length to 34.75 inches and the weight down to 5 pounds, making it easy to handle for youngsters who are not ready for a full-size gun just yet.

Best High-Quality .410

Henry Repeating Arms Lever-Action .410

Why we selected it:
Henry Repeating Arms makes fine guns, and this .410 is a list highlight. A side gate loading gun with quality sights, it's a functional thing of beauty.
Favorite features:
Side gate loading
Blued steel barrel and receiver
Classic looks and operation
Great for youth
High price
Almost too nice to use

While Henry is well known for its rifles, it also produces a popular line of .410s. If you've always wanted a lever-action Henry but didn't want to pay the extra dollar, it's worth noting its shotguns are much more affordable, too. Using the same lever action, and design principles of its ever-popular .45-70 rifle, this little shotgun is durable enough to last you a lifetime. And it performs well enough to take on any small-game or turkey hunt this year. It sports a classic blued finish on a 20-or-24-inch barrel, walnut stock and forend, and a generous recoil pad to soak up the little bit of recoil it gives back. The tube magazine holds five rounds. Unfortunately, it can only chamber 2.5-inch shotgun shells. But even then, this is a reliable, proven shotgun that would be as much fun in the brush as it would at the range.

Best Single Shot Turkey Gun in .410

Stevens 301 Single-Shot

.410 shotguns

The Stevens 301 Single Shot in .410 comes with a choice of Mossy Oak Obsession or Bottomland camo patterns. Photo by Ryan Sherrell

Why we selected it:
Matched with the Heavyweight TSS turkey loads, it's an effective hunting gun, to say the least. Our editor thinks it might be the ideal turkey gun for beginners.
Favorite features:
Single shot, break action
Removable rail
26-inch barrel is ideal for Heavyweight TSS loads
Manual hammer blocking safety
Can be hard to find

Turkey hunting with .410s has taken off in recent years, as they're more than capable of taking down a big gobbler with the right birdshot load and the right choke. If you're in the market for a turkey gun that presents a bit more challenge, this offering from Stevens, which is owned by Savage Arms, is a great option. This break-action single-shot comes fitted with a 26-inch barrel and an extra-full choke tube for tight patterns, and the 3-inch chamber allows this gun to handle magnum turkey loads. It comes pre-fitted with a rail that could take on a small red dot sight, but you'll also have a bead sight system compatible with TruGlo if simplicity is your style. This gun is offered with a synthetic stock and forend in either Mossy Oak Obsession or Bottomland to blend into your surroundings. However, this gun's greatest feature is the price. At only $200 from most retailers, just about anyone can find room in their budget for this awesome firearm. Our editor Eric Pickhartz has some experience with it, and said, "Stevens was on to something with this awesome break-action that's optimized not only for safety, but for the impressive Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS shotguns loads, a remarkable innovation in itself."

Best Over/Under in .410

Browning Citori White Lightning Small Gauges

Why we selected it:
The trusted Browning name makes some fine-looking shotguns, and this .410 Citori is no exception. The price is high, but the performance and looks are high, too.
Favorite features:
Over/under orientation
Exceptional pistol grip
Great control
Great trigger
High price

When it comes to top-of-the-line skeet or bird-hunting guns, it is hard to argue against Browning. The Citori is one of the highest-quality hunting shotguns on the market, renowned for its beauty and quality extractors. Most hunters are familiar with these over-and-unders but in larger gauges. This gun has a 26-inch barrel and a beautiful blued with silver nitride finish that offsets nicely with the satin finish walnut stock. The receiver is also beautifully engraved for an additional touch of class. This is not your average .410, and the price reflects that. However, that also makes this a gun you can pass down to future generations. Browning includes three invector choke tubes with this gun, and the recoil pad helps make this gun even easier to handle. It is sure to be a hit the next time you're on the skeet or trap range.

Best Pump Action .410 for Hunting

Remington 870 410 Turkey TSS

Why we selected it:
The Remington 870 is known to be reliable, and optimizing the platform for turkey hunting is a smart idea. It's a workhorse that's ready to fire TSS loads and features a pump action.
Favorite features:
Twin action bars prevent binding and twisting
Milled receiver
Extended full choke included
Pump may not be ideal for some hunting applications

The classic Remington 870 platform is one of the best pump guns on the market today. Remington made this gun specifically for use on turkey with the high-density TSS loads that have become popular in recent years. This gun features a 25-inch vent rib barrel and is covered with a Realtree Camo finish. The extended full choke means tight patterns that will bring large gobblers down in a hurry. This gun also gives you the option of mounting a sight with the rail system. This gun is the perfect package for newer turkey hunters or seasoned vets looking for a new challenge.

Best All-Around Hunting .410

Mossberg 500 All Purpose

Why we selected it:
The Mossberg 500 is a standard-setting gun with no frills and high reliability.
Favorite features:
5+1 capacity
Simple setup
Ambidextrous safety
Short cycling time
Limited optic options

For decades the Mossberg 500 has been a proven firearm among larger gauge shotguns. It makes perfect sense for the company to downsize the platform to a .410 bore. This would be the ideal first pump gun for a new or younger shooter, thanks to a manageable weight of just 6.25 pounds. The tang safety will also be easy for them to operate. It has a 24-inch vent rib barrel that can handle 2.5-inch and 3-inch shotshells. It has a fixed full choke. This is ready to hunt right out of the box. At $349, it also comes at a great price point for newer shooters who want a firearm with easily manageable recoil. Mossberg also makes a turkey variant of the 500 for hunters focusing exclusively on dropping big Toms every spring.

Best Lightweight .410 Option

Mossberg SA-410 Turkey

Why we selected it:
This hunt-ready shotgun from Mossberg is exceptionally lightweight and quick-swinging. The Original Bottomland camo stock, barrel, and receiver finish looks excellent.
Favorite features:
Gas-operated autoloader
Fiber-Optic and Ghost Ring Sights
Camo pattern comes standard
Great maneuverability
No adjustability

Because there are not many semi-automatic .410 shotguns on the market today, Mossberg built the SA-410 specifically with turkey hunting in mind. It has a stock and barrel finish in the classic Mossy Oak original bottomland pattern. This gun features a 3-inch chamber and an XX full extended turkey choke. The vent rib barrel is 26 inches long, and the gun has a 4+1 capacity. This semi-auto cycles on a gas system. Mossberg gave this shotgun a fiber-optic front sight and a ghost ring rear for easy target acquisition, even if the light is not perfect.

Best Versatile, "No-Frills" .410

Browning BPS Field

Why we selected it:
Sometimes you don't need fancy looks, and instead just want trustworthiness. A fresh design with a timeless look makes the Browning BPS Field a go-to in .410.
Favorite features:
Checkered grip surfaces
Inflex recoil pad
Floating rib on barrel
Bottom feed and ejection port takes getting used to

The Browning BPS is one of the more expensive options on this list, with an MSRP of over $700, but this gun has a ton of great features making it worth the price tag. For one, these shotguns use a bottom ejection system to throw spent shells straight down and a top tang safety, effectively making the gun ambidextrous. Browning also includes its Inflex Tech recoil pads to make the already manageable recoil of the .410 bore a breeze. This gun has a 3-inch chamber and a 26-inch barrel, and the receiver is machined from a single piece of steel. The black walnut stock gives this gun a great classic look.

Shopping Tips for First-Time Shotgun Buyers

best .410 shotguns

A single shot .410 shotgun is great for beginners. Photo by Eric Pickhartz

If you're seeking your first shotgun, a .410 can be a versatile and capable type for a wide range of uses. Ideally, the suggestions listed here help guide you, but the best option is to try out several guns yourself before you commit to purchasing one. That's not always easy or possible, but if you can rent one from a shooting range, work a deal with your local gun shop, or find a way to test drive one, it's always going to be worthwhile.

Cost will certainly be the main factor, but you'll find that higher prices usually equate to more features, better overall construction, and a more reliable firearm in the long run. The availability of .410 ammo will also weigh in, and finding a source is important if you want to get the most use out of your shotgun. Remember, a single shot .410 is a great beginner or youth style, a pump action .410 is good for a range of users, and a semi-auto .410 will give you the best follow-up opportunities.

The Final Takeaway on .410 Shotguns

best .410 shotguns

While the .410 keeps rising in popularity, it still doesn't seem it will ever really surpass the more common shotgun gauges, which means you're probably going to see fewer overall models available in comparison. But it's going to become more common to see .410s when compared to 25 years ago, which means you'll have a choice to make.

Consider whether or not you want a wood or synthetic stock, what type and length of barrel would work, and what sort of action will suit your needs. Availability of .410 shells can be a little more scarce than other gauges, too. Make sure you can secure a reliable source. You obviously want accuracy, so pay attention to the sights or optic options, and consider a gun that's adjustable so it can fit you perfectly. And when it comes down to deciding, the price will obviously play a factor. You can find .410s on the lower end, but can certainly pay more and receive the benefits of a fine-quality gun in return. All in all, fitting a .410 into your firearm collection makes a lot of sense, and you can do so successfully with the right features in mind.