time to place your blind or treestand

The 5 Reasons Why Now's the Time to Place Your Blind or Treestand

Have you begun to prep your hunting spot yet?

The hunting season is closing in fast.

Here are the top reasons to place your blind or treestand now, before it's too late.

1. Not disturbing your stand area during hunting season.


Got trees and brush in the way of your set up? Use the right equipment to clear out your shooting lanes and keep that big buck within sight.

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If you do this with plenty of time before hunting season, any impact on game bedding, feeding, or traveling areas will be minimal. Treestand locations and ground blinds can be moved well before the opening day of hunting season, but shouldn't be messed with with less than a month to go.

2. More time to research game movement.

When your stand or blind is in position, let the scouting cameras roll. This will allow you to get a general knowledge of what animals are working food plots, game trail travel corridors, and watering holes.

A quality trail camera near your deer stand is hard to beat. Deer activity in the area can be directly applied to your hunting strategies.

Be ready to target those mature bucks when the season starts. In many cases, early season is your best chance.

3. Zero hunting pressure.

If you're on public land, set up your blind or treestand setup where you want, but do it early. This will keep opening day hunters from dropping a blind or stand right where you wanted to be.

Make sure you watch for food sources, bedding areas, and trails on the way in to your stand area. That knowledge will be good to know during deer season.

4. Make fine tune adjustments.

Got that hunting treestand up and realize the morning sun will be right in your eyes? The prevailing wind is going the wrong way?

With plenty of time to change your set up just make an adjustment. No need to spend opening day in a bad spot where your hunting performance will be negatively impacted.

5. Practice shooting from your stand.

This early in the summer, any target shooting at your hunting location with a bow will have minimal impact. You shouldn't go blasting away with your rifle (leave that to the range), but a bow should do no harm.

Do you have clear movement in your location and can see the target well? Now is the time to fine tune that shot in a realistic location and not just an archery range.

Always be mindful of where your shot goes now and during hunting season.

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