The 3 Talon Features Not Enough Anglers Know About

You want the best, and the Minn Kota Talon has proven itself.

By now you've realized how beneficial a set of shallow water anchors on a fishing boat can be. There's no denying the ability to stay put helps, and the ease of use that today's modern equipment has can't be denied.

That's why we're sort of surprised the technology moved so fast with Minn Kota's newest Talon models, which are more capable than any that came before. We barely got used to the advantages to begin with, and Minn Kota has already upped the ante.

Deeper Than Ever Before

Unlock more water, lock down more fish. #MinnKotaTalon #bass #fishing

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This is the only anchor that goes to 15' deep. Simple as that.

Talon was the first with a 12' anchor, and now took it even deeper.

The advantage to this is obvious: There are more places you can anchor down when you have 15' of depth that you just can't with a shorter anchor. That means you can lock down a greater portion of the lake or water body, and bring yourself more opportunities to reel in a big one.

Control From Anywhere

Thanks to its smart integration with Minn Kota and Humminbird, you can control Talon from anywhere on the boat. Imagine using a fishfinder to operate your shallow water anchors. You never have to take your eyes off the fish!

These are the different ways you can take the controls of the Talon:

A. From the main Talon control panel

B. From a wireless remote that's included with every Talon

C. From your smart phone, using the mobile app

D. From either your i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link Remote

E. From a wireless foot switch accessory that you can put on the bow near your trolling motor's foot pedal

F. From your Humminbird fishfinder

This is unique to Talon, and the advantage is that when you find your spot, you can anchor from wherever you are on the boat without moving, getting you down more quickly so you can get to the fish.

Anchor in Anything

The Talon is the only shallow water system that has three different anchoring modes, so it adapts to wherever you're fishing and whatever you're fishing in. You can select which mode you want to use depending on where they fish are at.

  • Standard Mode — This is the default mode, which powers the spike into the ground with three successive hits
  • Rough Water Mode — This is for heavy wind and choppy water, and performs three sequences of the Standard Mode hits
  • Soft Bottom Mode — Ideal for muddy or silted bottoms, Soft Bottom causes the Talon to hold firm, but lightly, so you can pick up and move easily without disrupting the bottom

Those are reason enough to see what a difference a Minn Kota Talon can make. If you still need more convincing, and to find out where to get one, check out