The 3 Best Things You Can Get for the Outdoors During Black Friday Sales

Here are some outdoors Black Friday items worth braving the crowds for.

Black Friday. Yes, we know, the idea of bustling crowds of crazy shoppers are enough to send many outdoorsmen and women to the woods for the whole day.

We're not totally opposed to that and we appreciate outdoor retailers like REI and their annual "Optoutside" campaign that runs for one day every year.

But at the same time, we like saving money because that outdoor gear on your wishlist is expensive.

Which is why we have suggestions on some outdoor Black Friday deals worth braving the crowds for this year.

Kayaks and Canoes

One of the best Black Friday deals out there is on smaller watercraft like kayaks and canoes. I have plenty of friends who have taken advantage of these sales over the years and they've gotten some ridiculous deals on brand-new kayaks.

Check the Black Friday ads because sometimes places like Gander Mountain and Field and Stream will even throw in bundle deals on paddles and life jackets in the mix. I went to a Black Friday sale at Field and Stream a few years ago, and it wasn't as bad as you might expect. I think it was because all the major crowds were at Walmart or Best Buy.

When I went to that sale, they did a giveaway of coupons where you were guaranteed at least $10 off any purchase. But a few coupons given away granted discounts of $100-500 off!

You can pick up one heck of a nice new fishing kayak for that! The only hard part is waiting through the long winter months before you can use it for the first time, but the wait will be worth it knowing what a deal you got.

Smokers/grinders/meat preparation gear

Wanting to ditch the expensive processor and butcher and prepare your own wild game meat from now on? Well, the equipment to do this is a bit on the pricey side, whether you're looking at a fancy meat slicer, a dehydrator, a smoker or a grinder.

A quick look on Bass Pro Shops website and I found a highly rated meat grinder on sale for $169.97 in their "Christmas Sale" that's already online. You may be able to find an even better deal once their Black Friday sales ad finally drops.

Just about all the items I listed above start at around $100 minimum, which is expensive for cooking gear you may only use a few times a year. That's why checking out Black Friday offers is worthwhile if you can get this gear at a cheaper price.

It may be too late for your big game harvests this year, but you can spend the summer prepping your work area for when you get that big buck on the ground next season.

Don't forget about grills for your big game feasts either. While researching this article, I found that last year Sportsman's Warehouse sold a Green Mountain pellet grill for $399 on Black Friday. That same grill is normally $550! Don't forget to check for Cyber Monday deals either through major outdoor retailers or even Amazon. Odds are, some of this stuff will pop up in their deals too.

New Firearm or Bow

We love outdoors Black Friday deals for big ticket items. Does it get any better or bigger than a new gun or bow? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Going back to Sportsman's Warehouse again, last year they had some killer firearms deals. For instance, you could get a Stoeger 12-gauge pump for $399 with $75 of instant savings and a $75 mail-in rebate. Not bad for a gun that normally goes for $550.

They offered a similar savings on a Springfield AR-style rifle that was normally $850. The Springfield was on sale for $699.

Or maybe you're looking for a new handgun? They offered the iconic Beretta 92FS for just $599, a savings of nearly $150. Personally, I'm going to check the Field and Stream and Gander Outdoors Black Friday ads to see if any deals are offered on a Ruger American Rifle in .450 Bushmaster, a rapidly rising favorite of firearms deer hunters here in Michigan.

Don't forget about bows. There are almost always some compound bows available for $100-150 off on Black Friday. But I've noticed in recent years the best deals on archery gear have been for crossbows with as much as $200 off on some select models. Most regular archery seasons are long over, but that doesn't mean you can't get a jump on next year!

While we love the outdoors, it might be worth braving the sales crowds for at least this one year. Who knows what new outdoor gear deals might be waiting for you?

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