The 10 Best Whitetail Hunting-Related Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Every hunter needs a podcast to listen to on those long car rides.

If you're in the car a lot, and even if you're not, podcasts are pretty awesome. We've compiled what we think are the 10 best whitetail-hunting-related podcasts for you to listen to. Whitetail deer hunting is in full swing, and when you're craving knowledge about how to be a better whitetail hunter, these episodes offer some helpful insight.

The best way to listen to podcasts is to listen to a bunch, find one that clicks with you, and then try to listen religiously.

So here's a good place to start!

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Wired To Hunt

If you've been listening to hunting podcasts for any amount of time, this one is kind of a given. The host of the Wired To Hunt Podcast, Mark Kenyon, arguably paved the way for hunting content via podcast. With nearly 250 quality episodes from leading experts in the field, you'll need a notebook in order to take it all in. Weekly, he outlines hunting strategies, tips and tricks for hunters to take into the field.

Nine Finger Chronicles

The Nine Finger Chronicles podcast is perfect for learning all you need to know about hunting gear, specifically archery gear. Dan Johnson, the nine-fingered host, reviews almost any product currently out on the market. If it's not on an episode, there's probably one very similar. Dan is also the founder of the Sportsmen's Nation Podcast Network with tons of episodes devoted to hunting.

The Hunting Public

This podcast was created for you and me, the general hunting public. While Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh do a lot of public land hunting across the United States, the team also hunts a sizable amount of private land. The Hunting Public strives to highlight the everyday majority of hunters who work blue collar jobs to enjoy what they love: hunting.

The Hunting Beast

Dan Infalt, creator of the Hunting Beast forum has been successfully harvesting whitetails including mature bucks for a very long time. Avid whitetail hunters peruse the forum weekly and his podcast is just an added bonus for when you're riding down the road.

Primos Hunting Podcast

Primos needs no explanation, as its reputation precedes itself. However, there is now a podcast dedicated to the Primos Hunting team. While they aren't always discussing whitetail hunts, a majority of their episodes largely revolve around whitetail hunting. They might even have an episode or two on turkey and elk hunting.

Land and Legacy

Adam and Matt are management gurus that get into the nitty-gritty of managing plant and animal species, especially big bucks. This is another podcast where if you blink (or turn your volume down), you will miss a lot of information. Grab a notebook and get ready to jot down some notes.

DIY Sportsman Podcast

The DIY Sportsman is dedicated to making hunters' lives easier and more successful simultaneously. This podcast looks at the minute details on how to better prepare for a hunt. He leaves no stone unturned when analyzing how to consistently kill whitetails.

MeatEater Podcast

If you haven't given this one a listen yet, I urge you to right now. Steven Rinella is one of the most interesting hosts not only on podcasts, but on his TV show as well. Steven, along with his co-host, Janis Putelis, brings years of experience hunting the world to the podcast, even though his roots are planted in the Midwest hunting whitetails.

Down South Hunting Podcast

If you hunt in the South, this is the podcast for you. Plantation managers, pro staffers and whitetail enthusiasts Mike and Adam interview a myriad of whitetail hunters across the South. This podcast keeps a pulse on what is happening in the deer woods down south.

Southern Ground

Part of the Sportsmen's Nation Network, the Southern Ground hunting podcast looks at hunting in the South with a tilt towards public land. With hunts to Alabama and Kentucky, Parker McDonald does a great job at providing content to make us all better southern hunters. Additionally, he also produces a vlog on the Sportsmen's Nation YouTube channel.

Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast (Free)

I would be remiss if I didn't throw in a shameless plug. In my personal new podcast, I dive into hunting in the South with a tilt toward Georgia. I interview successful public-land hunters, habitat managers and everyday hunters who show success in the deer woods. We dive into tips and tricks for whitetail hunting that aim to help deer hunters everywhere.

Whether you're in the car for hours on end, or stuck in the office from 8-5, there's a deer hunting podcast for you. Be sure to leave a rating and review on iTunes for each after you get a chance to listen to a new episode this hunting season.

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