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The 10 Best Places to Use a CanCooker, Ranked

We've got some ideas for taking full advantage of your CanCooker.

By now you're surely familiar with what the CanCooker can do to your time in (or out) of the kitchen. Preparing awesome meals to feed your crew never gets old, and seasoned CanCooker users will tell you the same thing: it's changed the outdoor cooking game.

Using steam, the aluminum cooking vessel acts like a convection oven, speeding up the cooking process and making it easy to get food on the picnic table after a long day.

The real beauty of the CanCooker is its versatility and portability. It's a cinch to bring it virtually anywhere you want to go, indoors or out, to either feed a dozen friends or just yourself and your spouse.

The number of recipes and dishes a CanCooker can pull off are nearly endless, but what we want to encourage are the places you can use your CanCooker with a nice and tidy rankings list for your perusal.

How many have you achieved? Is there one on the list you want to try next?

It isn't hard to take it with you, so here's our tally for the best places to cook with your CanCooker.

10. The beach

To heck with the threat of sand in your food! There are few better ways to know you're keeping things secure while cooking than the sealed-tight method of a CanCooker. We made sure the beach was on this list, and we're generalizing to include any lakes or riverside spots, too. Now if we can only narrow down what fresh seafood dish we're gonna make...

9. The tailgate

Big sports fans would probably expect this on the list, especially once you've tried the queso dip, and we can't deny the appropriateness. Plus, the ease of set up and simple procedure lets you focus on the other tasks at hand, and have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. In other words, pass me a cold one, would ya?

8. The kitchen

If you can make it work (and with a CanCooker, of course you can), offering to prepare a meal for a decent-sized gathering at home, like gumbo or jambalaya, would be a sweet way to win over a crowd. Think about it: there's minimal clean up so you won't leave a mess, and you can knock their socks off with a meal that's super easy to make. How about that for a good way to impress the in-laws?

7. The backyard party

Whether it's your kid or your buddy, pitching in at a birthday party by providing the food is a good way to show you care. Preparing food on a CanCooker is an even better way, and a simple ingredients list, some of CanCooker's own line of spices, and a portable cooktop will make it a piece of cake.

6. The winter cabin

Could you imagine how well it would go over if you served up some Cowboy Chili or Beef and Barley Soup to a bunch of folks who spent their day in some cold winter weather? No matter if they're working on that 1,000 piece puzzle or playing outside, this is a place the CanCooker can shine.

5. The summer picnic

We'll flip number 6 on its head, and suggest a CanCooker-made meal at your next summer picnic. Heck, even a sweet dessert would be good for this occasion. Did you know you can make Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Rice Krispie Treats in a CanCooker?

4. Hunting camp

If you are a fan of wild game, there might not be a better way to prepare a meal you've just harvested yourself, and redefine the meaning of "fresh food." Any sportsman knows the value of taking an animal and using its meat, and preparing good meals is an ultimate sign of respect in our eyes.

3. 11,000 feet

Seriously, the CanCooker is so easy to carry, even a veteran backpacker can see the advantage of using valuable space and weight to be able to make good food while you're doing something as cool as cresting a mountain. It doesn't have to be K2, but a good meal with a good view from up high is something special.

2. The campsite

It's tough to beat a camp meal that's so easy to control and keep track of when you're enjoying the great outdoors. The CanCooker is simple to slip in a backpack, doesn't take much to power it, and will go a long way in making your camping trips that much more memorable.

1. The boat

Whether it's a dingy or a 40-foot yacht, the CanCooker is great to take on the boat and cook up that fresh catch of the day. Add the CanCooker to your supplies before you set sail to serve shipmates a seafood meal they won't forget. Simply find a quiet island to dock, and load 'er up with potatoes, corn, and whatever fish you (hopefully) caught.

We find these are the kinds of places the CanCooker was made for, so if you're wanting to make the most of owning one, reference this top ten list.

It only gets better the more you use it, and making it an essential cooking implement wherever you go is what the CanCooker is all about.

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The 10 Best Places to Use a CanCooker, Ranked