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That Lion Has Some Thoughts on Your Foot Stench, Guy

While on safari, this guy caught a rare glimpse of a lion’s feelings about smelly feet.

Filmed at the Kapama Game Reserve in Johannesburg, South Africa, this video shows a male lion acting rather strange regarding a man’s foot.

Watch as a crew of people witness a lion smelling the guide’s foot with apparent disgust!

According to the Youtube user, “Bjarne Olsen, 50, from Denmark, was on a five day safari,” when he captured this funny interaction on camera, and they were, “warned beforehand to keep still, so the lion did not see him as a person – but as part of the car.”

Did you see the lion’s reaction to smelling the guide’s foot? He looked less than pleased by the man’s hygiene, and that says a lot coming from a wild animal.

If you’re looking to witness something like this first hand, there’s no place like safari. Before you go, be sure you’re showered up, lest you want to be ridiculed by the whole lion community.


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That Lion Has Some Thoughts on Your Foot Stench, Guy