If These 5 Texas Cities Were a Car or Truck, Here's What They’d Be

The spirit of Texas is strong, and these cities can easily be represented by popular cars and trucks. Every corner of Texas has something to offer, and each city is unique in its own right. There's a lot of diversity in this state, much like the diversity among the types of vehicles you have to choose from these days.

That got us thinking: Which popular car or truck> would best represent the major cities in Texas?

An oddball question, but one that actually answers some interesting things about the state of Texas, and the people who live in it.

1. Dallas - Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum Crew Cab 4x4


The Dallas metro area might be the biggest and most well-known city in Texas, and for its symbolic vehicle, we went with the Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum Edition.

It's kind of a nod to a good portion of the city's mentality; wealth equals status in Dallas. That'll bleed into over-the-top opulence, especially with vehicles that include bells and whistles that, frankly, aren't always needed.

Basically, the more extravagant the truck, the better.

2. Houston - Cadillac Anything

It's a diverse city, and deserves a car that represents mass appeal. That's why Houston is home to Cadillacs of all kinds.

They're found in all corners, old, new, classic, and even some in rough shape. So many parts of the community can relate to what's good about a Cadillac.

Houston's inner city hip hop scene has its influences, and cars seem to be high on the list. Picture a souped up Cadillac, with 20-inch rims and riding low to the pavement. That just seems to fit the ethos of a diverse city like Houston.

You can also step back and view the Cadillac as a classic "well off" man's car, with a hint towards the old Texas oil money that helped, in part, to build Houston into the city it is today. But there's also a sense of quality and comfort when you think of a Caddy, and Houston's got both in spades.

3. Austin - Toyota Prius


The state's capital is home to a very green, eco-friendly population. That's where the Prius is at home, in a city where you see more hybrids and electric vehicles than most others in the Lone Star State.

The nice thing is, some hybrids have become more capable of the sorts of things a Texan who enjoys the outdoors would ask (range, power for hills, etc.), but they're not tough on the environment like some other options.

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4. Corpus Christi - Jeep Wrangler


We chose this because any Jeep Wrangler is at home on the sand and surf, and parts of Corpus Christi and nearby Port Aransas still allows cars on the beach. On any given day, you'll see more Wranglers parked near the waves than anything else.

Plus, a Jeep is ideal for the muggy, humid, days Corpus is known for; you can keep the top down and enjoy it for most of the year.

It's not rare to see the souped up, mega-lifted versions that Wranglers can transform into, but the population of Jeeps, custom or not, in Corpus Christi is strong.

5. San Antonio - Hummer H2

Why the H2? Why not? It's the military-based car that doesn't compromise on power or capability, and San Antonio is most well known as Military City, USA. The city was founded with a hardworking attitude, and the pride residents have in their servicemen and women is unprecedented.

A monster SUV with a big engine and room for plenty of passengers works well for San Antonio, a sprawling area that's increasing in population pretty quickly.

That only scratches the surface; we want to know what you think about our list. Go to our Facebook page and let us know what other cities and cars fit together, and what other states we should consider for these lists.

This post was originally published on July 23, 2019.

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