Texas Car Commercials: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

These are the greatest, most memorable, and cheesiest Texas car commercials on the web.

Texas car commercials have a way of sticking with you. With so many large metro areas, mixed in with a ton of mid-sized towns, there's always going to be competition in the auto dealership, maintenance, and parts businesses.

Those who want to stand out do it in a variety of ways, but the car commercial, famous in a lot of corners of the U.S., has hit the sweet spot for many.

Here then is a list of the best, worst, and most memorable Texas car commercials we could track down.

1. The Classic

We had to start off with an ultimate classic, and not just because it has the Ultimate Warrior in it.

Westway Ford holds a spot on the Mount Rushmore of memorable Texas car commercials, mainly because they held nothing back in the heyday of wacky, goofy ads.

2. The Quintessential Texas Car Ad

How hard was David McDavid really trying? The Texas car dealership scene can be a little like the Wild West at times, I guess.

Still, the stereotypes in this one are thick.

3. The '80s Trophy Nissan Rap

The definition of "so bad it's good."

4. Thomason Tires in McKinney

They got Kristyn the Yodeling Cowgirl?! Lucky!

That one will get burned in your brain, eh?

5. The Native Son of Texas


OK, so this maybe isn't directed towards Texas markets specifically, but when Lincoln launched the MKC with Matthew McConaughey as a spokesman, the car consumer world took notice.

That drawl says it all, doesn't it? Plus, the Texas Longhorns football mascot Bevo basically has a cameo.

6. Not-So-Dream Cars


Scott Elder, the man in the above video, has become pretty infamous for these tough-to-watch commercials for Dream Cars Austin and his own namesake dealership.

We could add a whole lot more from this guy, but we'll spare you.

7. Dale Watson's Jingle

If you're going to write and perform a jingle in Texas, why not have Dale Watson help you out?

This is a personal favorite of my friend and colleague Matt Alpert, who knows a thing or two about Texas music.

8. The New Texas Commercial

Give credit to Johnny Cantrell and his team for embracing the need to evolve and find new, better ways to attract clientele.

9. Borderline Inappropriate

Considering the time spent on that much makeup and costume work, maybe they should have rethought the script before this one went into production.

Oof, that's an ugly one.

Here, to brighten your spirits:

10. "Farmer" by RAM Trucks


This may not be Texas-only, but there's no denying the importance of the ranchers and farmers in the Lone Star State. This would squeeze the heart of any Texan, and all it really consists of is a speech, some still photos, and a lot of passion.

But like it says at the end, "To the farmer in all of us."