Moronic Shot Could Have Ended Disastrous for This Hunter

When hunting with a group, firearm safety becomes even more important. This hunter seems to need a refresher course and a slap upside his head.

No animal is worth putting safety aside. No giant buck, elk or moose is could ever be big enough to put your hunting buddy's life at risk, and that's exactly what this hunter did.

Obviously, we're all human and we all can get caught up in the moment, but this video will make you angry. From my experience driving deer, I've witnessed and made some bad decisions, so I know this can happen. But, the severity of this hunter's carelessness is scary.

This hunter should consider himself lucky, and needs to think twice about what he did for sure. Hopefully, he learned from his mistake and counted his blessings that nothing worse happened.

I don't think I'd be hunting with him anymore.