morel mushrooms in tennessee

Tennessee Turkey Hunters Have Some Great Tips for Morel Mushrooms!

These two hunters are after turkeys, but they end up finding a ton of morel mushrooms in Tennessee.

Hunting doesn't always go as planned, but sometimes you stumble upon a great find anyway. Watch this video and see these two hunters find morel mushrooms in Tennessee when the turkeys aren't to be found.

As you just saw, when it comes to the morel mushrooms in Tennessee, where there's one, there's another and another. These guys found enough to nearly feed an army due to their tenacity and sharp eyes.

Did you hear what they said about cutting the mushrooms off at the base? Since the roots have an extensive base underground, cutting the morel off down to the ground won't effect the growth for next year.

What's most important about this video is that these hunters didn't get discouraged when they couldn't find turkeys to hunt. They instead took to seeking out other gifts from nature, and in this case it was morel mushrooms in Tennessee.