Tennessee Poachers Busted

Tennessee Poachers Busted by Home Surveillance Camera

Two Tennessee poachers busted by a home surveillance camera shoot at deer while trespassing. 

I'm going to leave it up to you to decide whether or not these two received ample punishment for illegally shooting at these deer. Two Tennessee poachers busted by a home security camera on Lake Springs Road in La Follette are heard illegally shooting at deer from a public road.

Turn the volume up to hear the shots.

Greg Julian of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency received a call from a homeowner, who was alerted on his phone that his home security system had been tripped. The homeowner yelled at the trespassers through the intercom to scare them off.

However, that evening, the two men returned. as seen the in the surveillance footage, to track the deer they shot.

The men did not have permission to be on the property, and deer season closed on Jan. 8th.

Officers reviewed the footage and located the perpetrators for an interview.

Donnie Marcum, 65, of La Follette, was charged with hunting from a public road, hunting in closed season, and hunting from a motor vehicle.

Tyler Marcum, 18, of La Follette, was charged with hunting from a public road, hunting in closed season, hunting from a motor vehicle, hunting big game with rimfire ammunition, and hunting without hunter education.

Donnie Marcum pled guilty to the first two charges and fined $100 and charged $325.50 in court cost.

Tyler Marcum pled guilty to hunting in closed season. He was placed on 30 days probation. His firearm declared contraband, and his hunting privileges were suspended for one year. He likewise paid the same fines and costs.

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