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Tennessee is Going Hard in Their Efforts to Combat CWD

Tennessee CWD

Officials are urging hunters to keep Tennessee CWD-free.

It appears there's news of chronic wasting disease coming out every day. We have reports from states like Virginia, Mississippi and South Dakota, as well as some recent examples in Wisconsin and Michigan. It's a serious disease that could wipe out masses of deer, elk and moose herds. As a result, officials are worried, and trying to do everything they can to combat it.

Take Tennessee for example:

This video shows just how desperately Tennessee is trying to avoid infestation in their state. Officials are asking anyone who hunts out of state, and particularly those who hunt in known CWD-infected areas, to properly dress and dispose of their carcass.

With three border states now dealing with CWD, officials are working hard to keep the disease out of the state. The behaviors requested by Tennessee should be considered the best practice for all hunters, regardless of where you're from or where you're hunting.

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Tennessee is Going Hard in Their Efforts to Combat CWD