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Teens Find Black Bear Rummaging Through Their Fridge and Eating All the Leftover Tacos

Usually when you hear about an intruder, it only has two legs.

If you live in bear country, there's typically something of an unspoken rule of keeping doors shut, as you never know what might come looking for a snack. Similarly, people regularly keep their car windows rolled up and their trash cans closed, as there's no easy way to extract a bear.

However, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, so every now and then you'll hear of a bear getting into the figurative cookie jar, never failing to stir up an all-out panic.

That said, it's not often you hear about a bear getting into someone's actual house and making themselves at home, so the following clip coming out of Truckee, California, has us all feeling a little uneasy.

Watch the video below:

Teenager Hayes Sherman was watching television with his friend Bobby Harden when a loud noise caught their attention. When they saw the 250-pound bear, they wisely barricaded themselves and called 911.

What do you think you would do if you walked down to the kitchen and found something like this?

Personally, I have to say I'd be a little more alarmed by the bear's human-like behavior than I would of its overall presence! I mean sure, bears can be very dangerous animals, especially when they feel cornered. But how did that bear know how to open a refrigerator? Why did it look like it was casually taking a slice of pizza and a beer to the couch to catch the second half of Monday Night Football?

So, if I was living in this house when this happened, my first order of business would be securing the home so nothing like this could ever happen again. But I after that, I don't think I'd be able to ignore how adaptable that bear was to a human home, so I'd have to do some further investigating.