Texas Teen in His Underwear Gets Ticket for Hunting Skunk and Rabbit Off the Roadside

Three teens were cited by a Texas game warden for shooting rabbits and a skunk from the road.

Rockwall County Game Warden Joshua Bonney received a call from a resident to report gunfires, according to a recent story in the Dallas Morning News.

He surveyed the area only to find three teenagers with several dead rabbits. Oddly enough, one teen was only wearing a trucker hat, boots, and brightly colored underwear.

All three teens were 17 or younger. They were illegally picking off rabbits from the roadway. Warden Bonney said he gave them a citation, and the teens split the fine.

Then the truth came out. One teen was sprayed by a wounded skunk they had shot, which explained the skivvies.

"I understand kids make mistakes," stated Warden Bonney in the article. "The skunk sprayed him. The others wouldn't let him back in the truck with his clothes on."

As a teenage hunter myself, I have found that it's important that every parent teaches their kids to pursue the outdoors responsibly. My parents are not outdoorsy. However, I have learned from stories like this how illegal hunting activities can give my fellow hunters a bad name, and destroy my outdoor TV and radio career.

It's not too much to ask, is it? Love and pursue the outdoors responsibly, so there are fewer illegal hunting citations written, and hopefully fewer skunk-sprayed teenagers walking around in their underwear.

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