Taxidermist Shows How to Properly Skin a Bear for a Rug

A successful taxidermist shows you exactly how to do it, step by step, by skinning a black bear.

Mark Mitchell of Sunset Mountain Taxidermy shows precisely how to skin a bear to make a rug. The taxidermist from Fairbanks, Alaska, illustrates on a smaller black bear in this 22-minute video.

The video utilizes fast motion to keep the video as brief as possible, but he periodically stops in order to explain potential problem areas, such as the foot pads.

This is as thorough of a presentation on how to properly skin a bear as you'll find.

The basic techniques and format that Mitchell employs here should also work on a mountain lion if you want to make a lion rug. Here's a link to a video by the Hushin crew wherein they illustrate how to skin a cougar for a rug.

Mitchell indicates that a good taxidermist can repair most nicks and accidental cuts, even large-caliber bullet holes. So if you're new to skinning a big predator and you "mess up" a bit, you should still be okay.

Bear hunting is an awesome way to score a beautiful and unique showpiece trophy and some excellent meat. You'll want to familiarize yourself with butchering and skinning techniques before the hunt so you can make the most of your harvest.

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