tangled bucks

Escape of the Day: Tangled Buck Gets Loose From Dead Sparring Partner

 Here's a case of tangled bucks that will break a hunter's heart. You can see antlers everywhere, but only one set will escape.

We all know that bucks will fight to the death, but we don't really want to see that ever happen. In this case, it seems that one of the fighters expired along the way and his rival was stuck holding the bag.

This isn't the first time we've seen this, and sometimes the deer need a helping hand, but what appears to be the bigger of the two bucks will ultimately break free to fight another day. It's just that we wanted to see his dancing partner go with him.

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly strong white-tailed deer are. From swimming across a lake to battling over mating rights, these animals are pound-for-pound one of nature's toughest creatures.

It's unbelievable what those horns can take as well. It seems like the only way to break one of those antlers is to brush it up against a twig right before we shoot one!

At least one of those big boys ran away, and it didn't look like he was too stressed not to survive it.