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Sure, That Truck Can Handle This Tree... or Maybe Not


This was NOT well thought out.

So, you think your truck can handle anything? You might be over-estimating its capabilities a bit. At least, that's what this guy did. This video is old, but it's still a classic and an incredibly stupid tree cutting fail.

Whatever you do, don't try this at home.

"Oh Richard!"

Well, not only did you totally destroy the back end of your truck, but now you and your spectacular fail are forever immortalized thanks to the Internet.  About the only thing that went right was it fell where he planned!

Judging by the amount of tree cutting fail videos like this on the internet, people have no clue how to cut trees or just how heavy they are. I wouldn't attempt these with even the most modern heavy-duty pickups!

Next time you think your pickup can handle this kind of abuse, just stop. It might be time to just call in a professional instead. Your insurance company will thank you!


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Sure, That Truck Can Handle This Tree... or Maybe Not