suppressed subsonic .458 socom rifle

Suppressed Subsonic .458 Socom Makes Quite a Deer Rifle

How well does the subsonic .458 Socom do on deer?

At 450 yards, this hunter turns a doe into venison for the freezer.

See for yourself in the video below:

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In a video Killer Shots TV shared on Youtube, we see a big doe way out in a field. How far? Well, his rangefinder shows 450 yards.

This hunter is armed with a suppressed, .458 Socom bolt-action rifle firing subsonic ammunition. The 570-grain bullet has a lot of smack even at those low velocities and little noise. A precision hit at that long distance anchors this deer in place with authority.

If you are looking for less noise in your deer hunting rifle but a whole lot of smack, the .458 Socom might be a great pick for you. The results of this video certainly prove that.

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