12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol

12-Gauge Shotgun Pistol is a Real Wrist Breaker

This is why shotguns have shoulder stocks.

There is a very good reason why people do not turn shotguns into pistols, as this Canadian found out the hard way after testing out the Rossi 12 gauge shotgun pistol. They load this thing up with some hand loaded slugs traveling over 1,300 feet per second.

Combine some hot hand loads with a a firearm with no stock and an incredibly short barrel and you have a recipe for a firearm that is probably capable of breaking wrists.

Still, this guy shoots it anyway, as we probably all would. Once.

The infamous Taurus Judge and .500 Smith & Wesson look to have nothing on the recoil from this gun. He only shot that beast twice before tapping out. He completely lost his grip on both shots too. That is something that is common with the .500 S&W, especially when someone has never shot it before.

Ever wonder why shotguns tend to come standard with shoulder stocks? Well, it's because of the incredible amount of recoil they can produce. It does not help this gun any that the barrel is so short. All that energy is getting expended outwards faster than normal, and the result is a gun that is incredibly uncomfortable to shoot. That is why a pistol chambered for a 12-gauge shotgun shell is a really bad idea. King Kong would probably have a hard time controlling the recoil out of this one.

This weapon has been designated as a pistol. That strange occurrence happened through a shipping error and the laws then considered these pistols instead of shotguns. The Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol then became a rare but real weapon. This shooters fires just a couple hot shotgun slugs out of this wicked little beast before he calls it quits.

Wrist breaking recoil is what can be expected from this Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol. Would you be brave or foolish enough to fire it yourself?