fostech origin 12 sbv

Sunday Gunday: New 12-Gauge Works Around Gun Laws

When is a shotgun not a shotgun, according to U.S. gun laws?

When it's the incredible Fostech Origin 12 SBV "Firearm." New for 2017, the Origin 12 SBV will not be restricted by the expected gun control laws, because it's technically not a shotgun. It doesn't have to be registered because of the fact that it is not intended to be fired from the shoulder.

Check it out in the video and detail photos below:

Gun control laws in general are absolutely a waste of time. Case in point: the absolutely brilliant Fostech Origin 12 SBV "Firearm."

Lets take a closer look at this interesting weapon prototype Youtuber IV8888 shared on video.

fostech origin 12

At first look without a closer examination this weapon looks like a NFA registered weapon. It has a stock, only 8" of barrel and is really short. This is where the nose is thumbed against gun control laws. That "stock" is actually a completely legal arm brace that also can fold. Overall length is over 26" total. The key here is not to shoulder this weapon but either shoot it with two hands or with only a cheek weld. That way the whole package and you stay legal with current ATF laws. Cool right?

What you get is a very short semi-automatic non-NFA "firearm" that fires from a box magazine 12 gauge shotgun shell. Pretty slick, if you ask us.