Bug Out Bag Guns
Eric Nestor

4 Bug-Out Bag Rifles That Will Keep You Alive

In an emergency, the bag on your back might be all you have.

Adding a takedown rifle to your bug out bag might save your life.

These four rifles are all compact, light, and deserving of a spot in your most important survival bag.

1. Henry Arms U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle

The ultra-packable Henry Arms U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle is built for survival. The U.S. Airforce used the original version so downed pilots would be able to have a quick-shooting firearm. Henry's version is an updated, dependable, autoloading .22 LR carbine. Best of all, the parts disassemble and fit into the stock. Also, .22-caliber ammunition is small and lightweight, so you can easily carry a whole 500-round brick.

2. Ruger Takedown 10/22 Rifle



Ruger offers their time-proven Ruger 10/22 design now in multiple versions of takedown rifles. Choose from synthetic stocks and stainless steel to a more traditional wood and blued steel. Versions with threaded muzzles are suppressor-ready. This little .22 will certainly get the job done and even comes with its own case.

3. Browning SA-22 Takedown Rifle

For those who want a bug-out rifle that's also a work of art, the Browning SA-22 is certainly for you. This autoloading .22-caliber rifle will hold 10 rounds in its internal tubular magazine. Make sure you bring a good cleaning kit to maintain this rifle's beauty in rough country.

4. Rossi Matched Pair

Rossi's Matched Pair isn't only a .22-caliber, single-shot rifle, but also your choice of either a .20-gauge or a .410-bore shotgun. Just swap the barrel and use either. It packs down small, and it's marketed as a youth-sized weapon, but is comfortable for my 6-foot frame to shoot. Fortunately, it's wallet-friendly, too.

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