bubba gunsmithing jobs

The 10 Best Bubba Gunsmithing Jobs of All Time

Bubba is quite the talented gunsmith.

He can take a beautiful gun and turn it into scrap in short order. These ten Bubba gunsmithing jobs just might make you cry.

10. Need a scope on your SKS rifle? Bubba likes to use a liberal dose of two part epoxy, such as J.B. Weld.

9. When Bubba wants a pistol, he just cuts down a rifle, such as this sad former SKS rifle. Guess his scope mount above never held...

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8. Bubba Gunsmithing is on the forefront of weapons experiments. Is he launching beers to his buddies on the lake with these gems?

7. These used to be Mosin Nagant Rifles. Bet these have never been fired much in this configuration... Bubba likes these for concealed carry, of course.

6. Then, there's this Mosin Nagant Rifle turned into a short barreled tacticool carbine. Bubba drools over that build. 

5. Sneaking up on a groundhog in the pig wallow Bubba needed to conceal his rifle so he chopped it down. Who needs sights when you shoot as good as Bubba does?

4. Bolt action right? When he broke the handle on his old Mosin Nagant rifle, a bolt became the bolt...

3. Bubba Gunsmithing is global. This Iraqi attempt at a bullpup AK-47 is nothing short of epic.

2. No one is a better welder than Bubba. This fine double-barreled shotgun would make any showroom floor display at a fine gun shop. 

1. Then, there is this Bubba-dreamed-up creation. We hear he is going to rent out his creations for the next Mad Max movie...

Well, sadly, there is a little Bubba Gunsmithing in many of us. Put down that Dremel Tool and seek a competent professional gunsmith immediately. This has been a public service announcement from your concerned friends at Wide Open Spaces.