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The Story of the Minnesota Buck with “Don’t Miss” Ear Tags

Minnesota DNR

Ear tags on a buck are one thing, but imagine tags labeled “Don’t Miss.”

You shoot a deer, walk up to inspect your harvest, and find something odd: a tag on its ear with a message written in marker: “Don’t Miss.” That’s what happened to one young hunter in Minnesota.

According to an article from the Star Tribune, the hunter had seen trail camera pictures of the buck throughout the season, and finally harvested it.

The state’s law enforcement is investigating further to find who might have tagged the buck. They say the tags are completely blank other than the words “don’t” on one side and “miss” on the other. Since it is illegal to capture wild deer and game farms can’t release their animals, it is presumed that the animal was illegally tagged as a joke.

Due to issues with CWD, the state was initially concerned about the possibility of the buck transferring disease. However, the deer tested clean and appeared healthy. For more information on the situation here’s a link to the original article:

What would your reaction be to see a buck with ear tags like this?



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The Story of the Minnesota Buck with “Don’t Miss” Ear Tags