storm chaser crash
The moment the semi-truck tips over. Credit: Ben Ahrens/Twitter

Storm Chaser Nearly Crushed by Semi-Truck During Tornado

Looks like he still gets clipped though.

As the Midwest tries to account for the damage caused by a series of tornadoes over the weekend, new video and imagery continue to emerge showing just how destructive it all was. One such video by storm chaser Ben Ahrens shows the moment a semi-truck nearly crushed his vehicle near Dwight, Nebraska, on April 26. In the video, Ahrens is driving when all of a sudden the truck driving in the opposite direction tips over and clips Ahrens' vehicle.

Before the semi completely falls over, though, Ahrens manages to turn the wheel, so he veers off the road and into a field. On Twitter, Ahrens explained: "A semi ended my chase early today. I'm okay. What really matters is the devastating damage these storms have done and are continuing to do." Ahrens added that after the crash, he talked to the sheriff who told him that the truck driver was ok. "Knee injury, but otherwise okay," he said.

According to reports, tornados hit multiple areas throughout Nebraska and other states over the weekend. The National Weather Service classified them as EF3 tornadoes, meaning winds reached speeds as fast as 168 miles per hour. So far, five people throughout the Midwest have been reportedly killed because of the storms.