magazine loader

STILL Don't Have a Mag Loader? Here's the One You'll Be Glad You Got

"I'll get one... eventually."

Although you shouldn't be, if you're still contemplating a mag loader, you might want to bite the bullet and snag this one right now. The Maglula Uplula Loader/Unloader is a great universal magazine loader and unloader. It's a tank that'll last you years to come for $30.96.

Maglula UpLULA Loader/Unloader 9mm to 45ACP

magazine loader

This makes filling a magazine so easy, you will ask yourself why you didn't get one sooner. It's compatible with your 9mm, 10 mm, 357 40 and 45-caliber mags and works great for single or double stack.

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Stop saying you'll get around to it and get one now. This is such a great thing to have at the range - with 14,000+ customer reviews and 92% five stars, you won't regret it.