seared duck

Steve Rinella Knows a Thing or Two About Seared Duck

Seared duck just might be one of our favorite wild game meats, too.

When it comes to cooking game birds, not much can beat the taste of a well-prepared, seared duck breast. This meat carries a full flavor and it's considered a delicacy by folks who have never even stepped foot in a duck boat. Steve Rinella is not one of those people. He understands what it takes to hunt ducks, as well as what it takes to cook a duck breast right. Just check out this super-simple recipe for seared duck and see what we mean.

I have to agree with Steve here that duck does pair very well with fruit. Lots of glazes and dressings can work, but as long as whatever it is has fruit in it, it's going to be great.

The first time I ever cooked a duck, I tried to cook the red out of it. Thankfully, I talked to a few seasoned duck hunters at the time and they informed me of how wrong I was. Since that first experiment, medium rare is about as far as I go.