map of mosquitos in the U.S.

The Top 10 States With the Worst Mosquitoes in the U.S.

It's not just your imagination.

Sweet summertime activities include lounging in the yard, swimming in the pool, grilling out on the patio—and, if you live in one of the top 10 mosquito-prone states, swatting at those invasive blood-sucking pests.

Mosquitoes typically live in areas that are wet, shady, and have a moist place to reproduce, such as swamps or stagnant water. Humid climates make perfect conditions for these annoying and potentially-dangerous bugs. Some people are simply more prone to mosquito bites, so living in one of the highest-ranking mosquito-prone states on this list could be extra frustrating.

Mosquitoes carry diseases, so no matter the state, it's important to try to avoid mosquito bites. Preventive measures include wearing protective clothing, avoiding outdoor exposure around dawn and dusk, and using a high-quality mosquito repellent. Other helpful things include eliminating pools of standing water, and patching window screens or other gaps that may allow mosquitoes to enter the home.

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What Makes a State Prone to Mosquitos?


Insuranks compiled a list ranking the most and least mosquito-prone states in the nation. Placement was determined by a 100-point scale based on average summer temperature, rainfall, number of mosquito species, West Nile cases, and Google searches per 100,000 people relating to mosquito prevention.

This ranking system put Louisiana at the top of the list and Florida second. It also delivered a surprise, placing South Dakota at number three. South Dakota's high number of West Nile cases, Google searches, and average summer temperature pushed the state up to the third spot on the list, despite it's hot and dry climate.

The fourth and fifth spots on the list went to New York and Texas, respectively. Delaware and Nebraska both tied for sixth place. Several Southern states round out the top ten, including Georgia at seventh, Alabama at eighth, North Dakota and South Carolina tied for nineth place, and North Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi all at number 10.

  1. Louisiana — The hot and humid climate of the Bayou State is a mosquito's playground.
  2. Florida — Florida has the same climate woes as Louisiana in being the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos.
  3. South Dakota — South Dakota landing in third place was somewhat of a surprise, given that the climate there is arid and dry, instead of hot and humid like mosquitos like. South Dakota secured the third spot mostly because of the high rate of West Nile virus cases in 2022, plus the relatively high number (40) of different mosquito species that live there.
  4. New York — The Empire State's ended up in fourth place due to its high number of West Nile cases and overall mosquito species, coupled with its average summertime rainfall.
  5. Texas — The Lonestar State has a good diverse climate that mosquitos thrive in, plus a high number of mosquito species.
  6. Tie: Delaware & Nebraska — Two very different states, Delaware and Nebraska, secured a tie for the sixth spot on the list of mosquito-prone states.
  7. Georgia — The only surprise about Georgia's placement on the list was that it ranked so low, coming in at the eight most mosquito-prone state in the nation.
  8. Alabama — Alabama is home to many different mosquito species, including the Southern House Mosquito, Asian Tiger Mosquito, Yellow Fever Mosquito, and the Eastern Treehole Mosquito.
  9. Tie: North Dakota & South Carolina — Despite having different factors that landed them at the spot, both North Dakota and South Carolina landed at ninth place.
  10. Tie: Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi — Rounding out the list was Kentucky, North Carolina, and Mississippi at tenth.

The data released by Insuranks also included information about where in the country people felt most concerned about mosquitos. Researchers analyzed Google searches for key phrases such as "mosquito bite antidote" or "mosquito spray."

They found that people in Baltimore are the most concerned about mosquitoes, according to search histories, and the of the cities analyzed, residents of New York City are the least concerned.