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Which State Do You Think All These Massive 200″ Sheds Came From?


These huge sheds would make for a great day of shed hunting. Look at that mass!

When you think of ridiculously huge sheds there are usually a couple states that come to mind. Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois are typically the most popular guesses from people.


So where were these huge sheds found?

These massive sheds came from none of those, they are from the great state of Wisconsin. Who often goes under the radar, but produces some giant whitetails.

Snow on the ground and some miles on the boots, this group has a shed hunting day for the ages.

Not sure if this is 100% wild and free range deer, but if it is…holy smokes. Seeing dogs work is always a good time, but when the sheds are too heavy for a dog to pick up and retrieve, you know you are on to something good.

Hopefully you can be on the end of great day like this shed hunting trip and find some monster white gold like this group.

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Which State Do You Think All These Massive 200″ Sheds Came From?