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Where to Start When Creating the Custom Rifle of Your Dreams

You don't need to hear this to know it: there's simply nothing like pulling the trigger on a one-of-a-kind rifle built to be yours.

A custom rifle will fit you better than possibly any other item you will own. In a way, it is literally a dream come true: if you can dream it, you can build it—and you can bet it's well worth the wait.

Here's a leg up on creating the custom rifle of your dreams.

Start with the action.

The most common action to build on is the Remington Model 700, a starting point favored by gunsmiths worldwide. That also means you have an exhaustive list of options available to through the Remington Custom Shop. Even if you don't see a certain feature or option on the customization form, Remington can almost always find a way to make it happen.

If you'd like, you can start your customization process by deciding on action options, such as a 3-position safety or a jeweled follower.

Once you've decided on your action, you want to pick your trigger, barrel, sights, and stock.

The Trigger

Remington will fit your custom Model 700 with the upgraded trigger of your choice from Jewell, 40X or, our personal favorite, Timney. The Timney Calvin Elite is a unique self-contained drop in trigger with fully adjustable sear engagement, over-travel, and pull weight from 8oz. - 2.5lbs.


The Model 700 Custom "C" Grade shown above is fitted with a custom-tuned 40X trigger adjustable from 1.5lbs to 3lbs (that's the standard version; there's also a competition version that goes down to between 6 and 2oz).


Barrel customizations for the Model 700 include fluting, an HD recoil lug, a removable cap threaded muzzle, and a barrel band (with an inletted rear swivel if you so choose), among other options. You can also get  your barrel in stainless steel for the easier cleaning and anti-corrosion advantage.


Once you've decided whether you would like a scope mount, choosing your sights is a personal thing, which Remington recognizes with a broad range of options, including a fiber-optic front sight and adding a Talley peep sight if that's your style.


Aesthetic and functional options for the stock are extensive, as Remington offers choices such as a thumbhole stock, a mercury recoil reducer, various upgrades such as a chassis stock, and a plethora of checkering and finish options that you can spend literally years considering.

Choose your finish.

Remington offers metal finishes including the perennial favorite, rust blueing, as well as high polish blue, Cerakote, and, for shooting in any conditions imaginable, Remington's patented TriNyte coating, a top-secret process that makes the metal about as difficult to corrode as a diamond.

Keep in mind, these options are all specific to the Model 700. Although it's the most popular choice, it is by far not the only one available.

For a lighter, easily maneuverable option, try building on the Model Seven.

model seven mannlicher

The Model Seven is a more compact, short action rifle perfect close quarters as well as dense cover. Its receiver, based on the Model 700, is a half inch shorter than the Model 700 short action, and the platform is two and three-eighths inches shorter overall. It weighs around six and a half pounds, depending on the customization options you select.

Trigger and barrel options are a little different for the Model Seven, but there is still an extensive menu similar to what's available for the Model 700, especially for the barrel, stock and sights. The same high-end metal finishes and coatings are also available.

Customizing a Tactical Rifle

tactical remington 40-x

Although tactical rifles are, of course, also great to hunt with, Remington steps up the accuracy for the Model 40-X. The rifles in this series come with an accuracy guarantee of half-inch 3-shot groups at 100 yards, or better.

The Model 40-x can be fitted with virtually any trigger you can dream up in standard as well as competition weights. If desired, as with the Model 700 and any other custom rifle, Remington will expertly rebarrel the 40-X with any option you choose and, of course, fit the system with a riflescope of your choice by Vortex, Leopold, Swarovski, and (our favorite) Nightforce, the optics brand of choice for many of the world's elite hunters.

Accuracy International, Tac Mod, H S Precision, and, of course, McMillan all offer chassis options for the Model 40-X. You'll enjoy choosing a fiberglass, carbon fiber, or other shell for your rifle among a long list of possibilities.

If you can dream it, you can build it.

For any experienced rifleman, there's comes point (and it might happen gradually) when you know it's time to get a rifle that's truly yours in a way no other gun could be. Remington's custom shop is peerless in the diversity of options, and you can expect superior reliability and absolute precision. Start exploring and see where you end up.


Where to Start When Creating the Custom Rifle of Your Dreams