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Spinning Squirrel On Bird Feeder Takes Dizzying Ride

This spinning squirrel will make you dizzy watching it hold on for dear life.

The fuzzy-tailed rodent in this video really wants the seeds in this bird feeder.

Watch the video to see what trouble it gets into.

You spin me right round baby right round like seed dispenser baby right round round. The now extremely dizzy squirrel can’t hold on anymore and he falls to the ground. Still wildly dizzy he can’t walk straight and is still spinning while on the ground.

Posted by Jayson Luber Traffic Guy on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The video, shared on Facebook by Jayson Luber Traffic Guy, is hysterical. That neighborhood squirrel must really be hungry.

This fat squirrel really wants the bird seed and is hanging on as long as it can.

After being thrown from the feeder, this dizzy squirrel walks around like it's drunk, providing some great entertainment for the bird watchers.

The squirrel must have been pretty hungry to take that wild ride.

The squirrel-proof feeder has a spinning section on the bottom that engages to throw off any greedy squirrels that may steal the bird seed. The original came to market years ago, and it's referred to as the "Yankee Flipper." You can still find them on Amazon, but there are plenty of copycat products out there that have capitalized on the concept since.

Ready to set up your own Yankee Flipper in your backyard? The squirrels won't know what hit 'em!



Spinning Squirrel On Bird Feeder Takes Dizzying Ride