Why Did Someone Bury 80 Blocks of C4 Out in the Desert?

These Arizona construction workers made a startling discovery.

From time to time, construction workers will start digging up in a new area and find something unexpectedly buried. However, finding a stockpile of explosives is something no one can prepare themselves for.

Back in October, a construction crew in Pine, Arizona, unearthed a plethora of military firepower that ATF authorities believe someone buried there at least 20 years ago. ATF authorities counted 80 1.25-pound C4 bricks, nine M18A1 Claymore mines and a roll of det cord.

"They are obviously stolen," said ATF Special Agent John Durastanti.

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ATF is now offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who can help identify the person who buried the arsenal.

What do you even make of something like this? I have to think this was someone who stockpiled materials to build a bomb, but why did they leave all of it for 20 years? Did the person die before using them? Or, maybe he lost track of where he buried everything?

It's anyone's guess, but it's certainly unsettling to think about.

What do you think?