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Exploring Solomon's Castle: Florida's Aluminum Swamp Palace

Driving through central Florida and looking for a downright bizarre roadside attraction? Try Solomon's Castle! Entirely covered in aluminum, this oddity is ready for visitors looking for off-the-beaten-path places to explore on their next road trip.

Solomon's Castle is located in a remote place on backcountry Florida roads northwest of Arcadia but south of Ona. The man behind the famous castle is Howard Solomon, a well-known sculptor, artist, and dreamer known as the "DaVinci of Debris." This unique three-story castle is made of aluminum printing plates and junk that Mr. Solomon saw potential in.

About Solomon's Castle

Solomon's Castle boasts 12,000 square feet of eccentric design and mind-blowing architecture and is composed of not only his family's home but his workshop, art galleries, exhibition rooms, the Boat in the Moat restaurant, a gift shop, and even a bed and breakfast. The incredible inventor and creator used various skills, including welding, painting, woodworking, and a fantastic sense of humor, to carry him through the struggles.

Solomon passed away, but his legacy lives on through his incredible works of art available to view at this castle in the middle of nowhere. The exterior shines in the sun and offers a church-like feel with over 80 stained glass windows that dot the castle. Solomon originally purchased the 40-acre property in the Florida swamps in 1972. Solomon and his family lived in a double-wide trailer while he started to work on his workshop.

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After seven years of hard work and building, the family finally moved into their new home. The art galleries are on the main floor of the castle, the "Menagerie" room features dozens of sculptures made out of 50,000 wire coat hangers, and the Boat in the Moat Restaurant is a replica of a Spanish galleon that sits in an actual moat.

Throughout the castle, you will see hundreds of sculptures made out of what Howard called "found objects." These objects include thrown away nuts, bolts, beer cans, seashells, oil drums, sheet metal, and wood.

Touring & Visiting Solomon's Castle

Whether you are taking a day trip and have a few hours to spend or want to stay the night at the bed and breakfast, Solomon's Castle has an option for all visitors. This Florida tourist attraction is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM from October 2nd to August 1st. The castle does not take credit cards (they accept checks and cash only), but there is an ATM on-site. The castle is closed every Monday and the hot months of August and September.

You can schedule a tour of the castle with one of the knowledgeable tour guides, or you can explore the attraction on your own. The castle is located near many major cities, including Wauchula (30 minutes), Tampa (1.5 hours), Sarasota (1 hour), Bradenton (1 hour), and Orlando (2 hours). It is the perfect place to break up multiple days of visiting theme parks with the family.

The address of Solomon's Castle is 4533 Solomon Road in Ona, Florida, 33865. Visit the attraction's website for more information or check out this local article to learn more.

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