So Who Actually Had the Busiest Booth at ATA?

ATA always leads to a social media overload from those attending. But which company actually had the busiest booth at the show?

ATA has come and gone once again. All the gear nuts and archery fanatics frantically scroll through their feeds hoping to find any new buzz within the industry.

But what's a good way to judge success at a trade show? The number of sales comes to mind first, but the amount of traffic in your booth says just as much. So, who was the busiest? The answer is Scent Crusher by a landslide.

When you hand out $350,000 worth of product over a three-day span and set the stage for a party, the people will come.

Rubline Marketing handles the marketing for Scent Crusher, and has been a key asset in bringing Scent Crusher to the forefront of the industry. Incredible products, amazing people and great marketing will go a long way.

This live video from Rubline of a giveaway shows you just how busy the booth was. People lined up 20-25 people deep trying to get in on the fun.

Hats, pens and other freebies were flying left and right. Talk about a party!

There were a few times during the show when I could hear an uproar of people off in the distance. Quickly I would say to myself, "Yup Scent Crusher is giving stuff away again."

The weather in Indianapolis wasn't ideal, but Scent Crusher made the trip worthwhile for attendees.