Snuffle Mat: Amazon's Top-Rated Treat Toy for Dogs Under $40

A snuffle mat for dogs is an excellent enrichment toy that encourages dogs to put a little work into finding their food.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and when mealtime rolls around, they are usually standing at their dog food bowl just waiting to eat. Dogs can be super fast eaters, especially when gobbling up tasty treats. Why not encourage your dog to hunt for his food for the first time instead? This encourages natural instincts and is a great way to hone their foraging skills.

What is a Snuffle Mat?

A snuffle mat is made from fabric strips attached to a rubber mat. When dog owners throw tasty treats onto the snuffle mat, dogs go crazy digging and looking for hiding spots for their bits of dog food. While snuffle mats are often sold for dog use, other animals can use them too. Pigs love to snuffle around in this puzzle toy to find their food, and this also provides enrichment and encourages natural foraging instincts.

If you want to tap into your dog's sense of smell while they hunt for their dog food, you may want to check out this Amazon favorite dog feeding mat. We think your pooch will love the Awoof Pet Snuffle Mat. Check out these awesome reviews.

Does Your Pet Love to Dig? Here's an Answer

When you begin dog training, it's important to help both small dogs and large dogs to stay busy. If not, inquisitive and active breeds can get themselves into some trouble when they're not busy at the dog food bowl. Animals all need mental stimulation. Out of all the dog toys you can purchase your pooch, a machine-washable high-quality snuffle mat is a real dog treat.

The best snuffle mat on Amazon is chock-full of places in between the fabric strips for your dog's nose work. He will be content searching for his Kibble while playing on top of the mat.

Amazon reviewers have commented how large the Awoof Pet Snuffle Mat is and are happy it's machine washable. It's suitable for small dogs too. The puzzle toy has many places to hide dry food. Read a few reviews for yourself, and head on over to Amazon to add to your cart. Your dog will love this enrichment toy that makes them work a bit harder for a dog treat.

AWOOF Snuffle Mat Pet Dog Feeding Mat, Durable Interactive Dog Toys Encourages Natural Foraging Skills

Would Your Doggie Love a Snuffle Mat? Check Out the Reviews

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