Snapping Turtle Face
Instagram Screenshot: naturehdi

Why Snapping Turtle Belly Rubs and Kisses Are a Bad Idea

Presenting Exhibit A: on why snapping turtles do not like kisses or belly rubs!

Everyone already knows that snapping turtles are cranky animals. These turtles have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. They have earned the right to be a little bit grumpy. For the most part, they just want to be left alone at the bottom of their favorite lake or stream. We humans have a total fascination with them though that keeps bringing us into contact with them.

Even though most children know of the dangers presented by that sharp, beaked jaw of a snapping turtle, it seems some people must learn a lesson the hard way.

Case in point is the guy in this viral video who sticks his own face into that of a large common snapping turtle he is holding. You already know where this is going. What you are about to witness may be the worst idea in a long history of bad ideas.

We really have no words for this one. What exactly did that guy think was going to happen when he tried to kiss a snapping turtle? We hate to say it, but this guy got exactly what was coming to him. Although we are impressed a little. He did not drop the turtle immediately after getting hit by that sharp mouth. That could not have felt good.

In fact, we would say he was lucky he did not lose part of his nose or lip in this incident. A little closer, and that turtle probably could have chomped an eye out too. Had it been an alligator snapping turtle, we imagine his injuries would be much worse. For a little more context on this video, these guys were fishing for bass at the time they shot this. There were multiple turtles making things difficult for them, so they caught the turtle. And from there began the series of bad decisions that led to this incident.

We should not have to say it, but do not try to cuddle or kiss a snapping turtle like this. It will not end well for you. Unless you are seeking out a turtle for some soup, we recommend just leaving these dinosaurs alone during your outdoor adventures!

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