Shark Snake Lure
YouTube: Ty PigPatrol

Shark Steals Snake Lure and Eats Another Angler's Bait Seconds Later

Sharks are the eating machines of the ocean. And while we now know that humans are rarely on the menu, that doesn't mean that almost everything else in the sea is not. Sharks are kind of like nature's cleaners. While they are predators, they are also scavengers keeping the oceans clean of rotting carcasses. Almost nothing goes to waste in the ocean's ecosystems as a result. It seems like a shark's appetite is rarely satisfied, and the video below serves as further proof of that idea. YouTuber Ty PigPatrol is saltwater fishing in this video with some buddies when they start casting behind a trawler with some unusual lures: a rat lure, and a snake lure.

Almost immediately, a shark steals the rat lure, and it isn't long after that the snake lure gets stolen by a shark too. The shark even decides to bite Ty's bait too! Fortunately, the shark doesn't tear through the leader this time and stays on. Eventually, Ty wears the fish down, and they confirm this is the same shark that stole the snake lure!

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You can add that incident to the list of things you don't see every day. Had we not viewed the video, we may not have believed it ourselves. To be honest, this kind of thing sounds like another fisherman's tall tale. However, once they got that shark on board, they were able to remove at least part of the snake lure from the shark's jaws. That lure was down there deep, showing that sharks will indeed eat snakes if the opportunity arises.

I might have had a hard time believing that part about sharks eating snakes too, but I recently went fishing approximately 30 miles off the coast of Costa Rica and our boat saw a snake swimming way out there. Hence, sharks can encounter them, even far from the shore.

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