Smith & Wesson Rolls Out New M&P M2.0 Compact

Smith & Wesson has introduced the newest member to the M&P M2.0 family of handguns...and the sights are pointed directly at the Glock 19 and Sig Sauer P320C.

Smith & Wesson's timing couldn't have been any better. Glock's new Gen 5 is (on the surface) a slightly expensive rehash of previous models with limited modularity. Sig Sauer's vaunted P320 is having a bit of a hard time with the "voluntary upgrade" to remedy the firing-when-dropped-at-a-very-specific-angle issue. It seems the time is ripe for a hero to save the day.

That hero may very well be Smith & Wesson's new M&P M2.0 Compact. Adopting the "compact" moniker from the previous M&P Compact frame size (that will likely be referred to as a "subcompact" from now on), the M&P M2.0 Compact is the same size as a Glock 19 and Sig Sauer's P230 Compact. It would only make sense to mirror what are arguably the two most popular EDC striker-fired guns in the world.

Sporting a 4-inch barrel and slightly shorter grip than the full-sized M&P M2.0, the M&P M2.0 Compact boasts a full, 15-round magazine in 9mm, and holds 13 rounds in .40 S&W. There's currently no word on .357 Sig variants, for you bottleneck case enthusiasts.

The M&P M2.0 line also incorporates forward slide serrations, metal sights (unlike Glock), aggressive grip texture and an improved trigger. The pistol has a modular grip design with inserts to tailor it to the individual operator. Also standard are ambidextrous slide controls, a dust cover accessory rail and an optional thumb safety.

Smith & Wesson quietly released the guns, which are currently on sale through Brownell's and other retailers. Brownell's Product Manager went live on Facebook to unveil the M&P M2.0 Compact earlier this month, and ensured compatibility with aftermarket offerings such as the Apex DCAEK.

The Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact certainly looks to be a winner out of the gate. Glock, Sig Sauer, HK, and other striker-fired handgun manufacturers will certainly need to keep an eye out for the new, revised S&W platform.

It's about time Smith & Wesson recognized the need for a compact pistol to compete with the Glock 19!