sleep better while camping
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5 Great Tips to Sleep Well While Camping

When you think of camping and sleep, your mind might go right to hard ground and what to do about it, but this isn't only about sleeping pads and bags, cots, or an air mattress. Once we've reached the campsite and set up our gear, we want to know that we not only have a comfortable place to rest and something comfortable to sleep on, but staying in the comfort zone throughout the night is essential.

Sometimes it can be as simple as bringing your favorite pillow from home, but if you're packing and hiking for some serious boondocking, then think again. If you are car camping, then by all means, bring all of the comforts of home and simply remember these items aren't made for the trail or for the campsite.

Since getting some rest in the tent means more than just bringing some melatonin with you, let's look at a few of the ways that serious camping enthusiasts make their stay the most relaxing one it can be. The second we step away from our normal sleep environment can become a task for some and quite relaxing for others, but a restful night of sleep can be had if you take some of these simple steps.

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Stay Ahead of the Weather

Whether you are doing some fun winter camping or visiting the local campground in the heat of summer, you are going to have to pay attention to the weather conditions ahead of time. Some folks even need to have covers when it's hot to feel comfortable, knowing that they can take them off quickly, but not having them when they are really needed can be worse.

It all starts with a good air mattress, sleeping pad, or a cot not to mention a comfortable sleeping bag to keep the ground from stopping your overall comfort. After that, those favorite comforts from home can go a long way towards a good night's sleep, come rain or starry night.

Noise Reduction

sleep better while camping

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Whether you aim to cut out any surrounding noise or create some of your own, noise reduction can greatly ease a night in the tent for most, especially if you don't camp all that often. One good idea is to use a small bluetooth speaker to add white noise, relaxing music, or other soothing sounds of your choice.

There are many good, portable battery powered fans for those who love to have one running year round to help them sleep and the camping options are easy to pack. Even a pair of ear buds can help to ease the noises that you just don't want to hear.

The Right Tent

There are so many good quality tents out there vying for your hard earned money that it can be hard to choose, but one that features a closable mesh at the top can let you see the stars while letting in fresh air. These are choices that allow the camper to create an air flow without feeling like their security or privacy is lacking.

Not only that, but it helps to sleep in an area that is larger than it needs to be, which is to say that a six-man tent is great for two people planning to stay for multiple nights as opposed to an overnight. This way, you have tons of added room to roam for all your gear, used clothing, and shoes without taking up sleeping space.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

Is there anything worse than having a mosquito enter your tent and begin its annoying charge around your head while you're trying to sleep? While it can be work, making sure all campers enter and leave the tent by quickly unzipping the flap and re-zippering it immediately can go a long way towards a bug-free sleeping area.

Even at that, these annoying creatures will find a way to enter even with the best of intentions. Here's where many of us prefer the natural repellents to the "chemical weapons" we use to protect ourselves outside. In an area where we will be staying for eight hours or more, a camper should be beware of using concentrated chemicals like a Thermacell in an inclosed tent.

Stay Active, Bring the Correct Sleeping Gear, and Block the Light

So much of a good night's sleep while camping hinges on your choice of a mattress or pad. With that in mind, it behooves each camper to know their choice before they go. In this way, even novice campers can be prepared by sleeping on one at home to get an idea of how it will go at the campsite.

Since virtually every camping trip is meant to be a relaxing vacation, we can all get on board with the fact that we may not be as active as usual. With that in mind, taking a relaxing afternoon nap every day during your excursion may be what is keeping you up at night. We're not saying that you can't have your camping trip and take your nap, too, just that you need to be aware of what the extra rest can do to some folks at night.

With all that in mind, even the most work-hardened people need to let it all go and sleep in on their camping outing. Between hanging a blanket over the window flaps to wearing an eye mask, anyone can get that extra sleep at the campground, sometimes just by letting go.

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