YouTube: Ben Brust

Hunters Demonstrate How to Skin a Deer Using the Golf Ball Trick

Behold, another way to skin a deer: a golf ball, a pickup truck, and some strategically placed rope. 

We take pride in gutting, skinning, and butchering our own deer, and like most hunters we have our tried and true methods of getting the job done.

That's not to say that we're not always on the look out for improvements and new methods, but we were pretty shocked at the efficiency of this particular tutorial on how to skin a deer with a golf ball, and little else.

It doesn't take much, just a golf ball, a thick rope, a sturdy pillar, and a good ol' truck with a hitch.

The video starts with a quick tutorial using a ball, a towel (signifying the deer skin), and a rope, just to get down the basics of the skinning. Next you'll see the real deal in action.

WARNING: Do NOT attempt this without a pole or support beam that you are not 100 percent familiar with the strength of.

Not too shabby right? The key appears to be not gunning it once you get in the car, and making sure that you have that sturdy area to attach the other end of the deer to.

Stay tuned for how to skin a deer with a three iron. Kidding, but seriously if you know how to do that, email us.

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